A partnership with Unyoked cabins + Mindful rituals with… Ariella Werner-Seidler, Senior Experience Manager at Unyoked

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Getting off the grid has never been easier with Unyoked. Minimalistic meets wilderness luxury; their cabins make it easy to access nature's benefits. Carefully curated to slow down, disconnect and de-stress, it is the ultimate ancient remedy to modern times.

Surrender to nothing but nature, barefoot walks and campfires - still with the comfort of hot showers, luxury linen and premium organic tea. 

As the senior experience manager at Unyoked Ariella knows how to make a day in nature extra special. She’s the ultimate curator, effortlessly bringing a thoughtful and beautiful touch to everything she does.

To celebrate the launch of our adaptogenic tea blends in the Unyoked cabins, we chatted to Ariella about her ultimate cabin day and how she uses both nature and technology as a tool to stay mindful. For those days when getting Unyoked in the wilderness seems a little bit too far away, she shares her best ideas on how to disconnect in daily life.

Daily morning rituals...

I love any activity that moves my body and increases my heart rate. Spin, Pilates, Yoga or a walk. I know my workday has the tendency to bring with it unexpected challenges so it’s important to spend my morning in a moving meditation, taking time for myself. 

Then it’s coffee and a lemon water while responding to emails on my phone (always best to get ahead of the day), then a walk to work while listening to the podcast 7am for a daily dose of local news. I actually love my morning rituals and have been doing pretty much the exact same thing 5 days a week for over 10 years.

How do you stay mindful throughout the day? Do you have any advice for cultivating a daily mindfulness practice?

There are so many great features to wearable technology that can remind us to stay balanced and mindful. Each hour, my apple watch nudges me to stand up, walk around the office, have a glass of water or tea – to do something for one minute of each hour other than work and staring at my laptop. It also helps create work blocks and makes sure I’m not overwhelmed by any one task as I try to break larger tasks into digestible hourly chunks.

I also make sure to spend time in nature daily. Where possible, I prioritise an afternoon walk around Centennial park or walk from Bondi to Bronte beach – but if I know work, friends or family will take up my evening then 5 minutes sitting in my backyard staring at the leaves and just breathing can really do wonders. 

Being out in nature, dwarfed by huge pines, wildlife, and the vastness of it all, provides much needed perspective and reminds us, that sometimes those struggles and stresses that seem so big in the moment are actually, quite manageable and fleeting in the larger perspective of the world.

What does nature mean to you and what are some of the most important lessons you have learnt from connecting with the wilderness?

Nature provides perspective, helps manage stress and increases one’s sense of well-being. There are so many scientific studies available on how exposure to nature contributes to both your physical and mental wellbeing. As a society, we need to place as much importance on time in nature as we do on other wellbeing practices.

Being out in nature, dwarfed by huge pines, wildlife, and the vastness of it all, provides much needed perspective and reminds us, that sometimes those struggles and stresses that seem so big in the moment are actually, quite manageable and fleeting in the larger perspective of the world.

For those days when unyoking and escaping to a wilderness cabin seems very far away, what are some of your tips for disconnecting and undoing in our daily life? 

Disconnecting from technology for at least 30 minutes helps me unyoke when I can’t get out to a cabin. During the week my partner and I leave our phones at home and do a few laps of the nearby park. I love knowing for those 30 minutes that we’re sharing our full attention with each other and making each other a priority. It’s when we do our best listening and sharing without any distractions – I couldn’t recommend it more! That email, slack message, text or call can wait 30 minutes… 

What are your favourite ways of connecting with nature?

Inviting nature into your own space can really help form a connection with nature. I started my indoor plant collection three years ago when I moved home to Sydney – it’s really rewarding to see them grow. Recently I’ve been propagating many of my growers and gifting plants in repurposed jars whenever friends visit our home. Alma, I think you have one of our devil’s ivy and we have one of your ferns! 

We love the Unyoked “less in more” philosophy here at Lune. If you could only bring five things with you to an Unyoked stay - what would you choose?

A backpack, boots, puffer jacket, good book and chilli flakes.  

Describe your perfect cabin day?

A long drive listening to old school tunes, a decent hike to the cabin, a campfire meal with a glass of wine followed by uninterrupted star gazing.

Favourite campfire meal?

I’m loving a skillet margarita pizza topped with anchovies and paired with great wine.

What is your favourite (adaptogenic) herb and how do you use it?

I’m brewing a pot of The Nourisher Lune Elixir tea each afternoon to aid with digestion. I have the tendency to feel bloated even after a light meal and the Tulsi and Liquorice Root helps settle my stomach.

Best health/wellness secret?

There has been an increased emphasis on natural, organic products. I love seeing what I can do with products I already have like coconut oil for my skin or creating a hair treatment with ground coffee.

What lights you up? Or what are you currently grateful for? 

I’m obsessed with experiences. I’ve always worked in some type of customer experience my whole life, from working in café’s, bars and restaurants, to the digital experience for D2C and B2B brands, to now leading the experience team for Unyoked. Life is made up of a collection of experiences so the more we can do to make each of those special and meaningful, the richer our lives will be.

I love being both on the giving and receiving end of experiences. I take notice and really appreciate if a barista remembers my name, if a restaurant offers to hang my coat, if the employee at a supermarket really goes the extra mile to help me find a product. It’s these little things that can really make differences in experiences. At Unyoked, we split communications based on if it’s your first Unyoked experience or you know the drill, every team member (including our founders) answer customer emails and we make sure that every single item that goes into the cabin is thoughtfully sourced with the intention of helping people understand what Unyoked is about and the benefits of time spent in nature. I just love carefully curated experiences and feel lucky that I get to play a part in other people’s experiences.

Daily evening rituals...

We just welcomed Leo (an Australian Shepheard) into our family, so lately evenings are more about his rituals than ours! Once we’ve fed, hugged, played and tried to settle him, I make sure to set myself up for success the next day. That includes laying out my workout outfit, checking the coffee beans are ready to go and my keys are in an obvious spot, so that when I wake up in the morning, I’m ready to go… after a few hugs from Leo.

My mind is always racing, so I find anything I can do to organise, streamline and set myself up for the next day – the less there is for my mind to mull over when I’m trying to clear it out for a good night’s sleep.     

Connect with Ariella/Unyoked...

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