Mindful Rituals with... Emmie Rae, Yoga Teacher, Human Design guide & poet

emmie rae the daily rest

As a yoga teacher based in Sydney, Emmie is vocal about the importance of rest, and the benefits that comes with it. In a society where work and being constantly busy is regarded as the gold standard, Emmie's view on how to be productive whilst still honouring your body and mind is refreshing and very much aligned with our own values.

She's also a Human Design guide - if you haven't figured out your type yet we highly suggest you do so asap. It will provide amazing clarity and insight on how you are designed, and how to honour how you work best as an individual. We are all unique, friends!

We spoke to Emmie about her secrets to cultivate a lasting mindfulness practice, why she thinks putting rest in your calendar should be a thing, and the importance of trusting your own intuition when it comes to wellness. 

We hope our Mindful Rituals series will inspire you to introduce more mindfulness in your daily life, one day at the time. 

Mindful rituals with… 

Mindful Rituals with... Emmie Rae, Yoga Teacher, Human Design guide & poet.

Daily morning rituals...

A few minutes of dry body brushing, an ice cold shower, a two minute face massage with jojoba oil & always, always coffee. 

How do you stay mindful throughout the day? Do you have any secrets to cultivating a daily mindfulness practice?

Baby steps and accountability! Don’t stop looking until you find a practice and a teacher you adore. I resist routine with every cell in my body, so when I finally allowed myself to practice whenever I liked (instead of the same time everyday that is so often suggested) I found myself with an incredibly strong, regular practice and I’ve never looked back. 

What does plants as medicine mean to you? How have they offered support or helped you find balance?

In so many ways! Even looking at plants is medicine, right? It blows my mind that whether you need to cleanse your space, nourish your blood, connect to the feminine or soothe your stress response - there is always a plant ready to assist. We’re so supported by plants on every level, if we allow ourselves to see it. Its magic! 

What is your favourite (adaptogenic) herb and how do you use it?

I have adored reishi for many years and felt I began to look at life with softer eyes since taking it. I’m also currently about halfway through 100 days of schizandra powder drunk as a tea everyday - I don’t think i’ll be stopping anytime soon. 

Why is rest so important, and how can we find more restful moments in our daily life?

Rest is the most underrated practice I can think of: it’s so much more than just recovery.

Rest is the birthplace of creativity, intuition, insight and clarity, and I believe it is the first step in re-learning how to truly trust and love ourselves.

Finding more restful moments does mean we have to stand up against our minds, our culture and consciously create space for it. Start with five minutes. Put it in your calendar. See it as an incredibly important meeting. Let it build from there. 

Best health/wellness secret?

Rest, nettle infusions & actually trusting your intuition over the external. 

What lights you up? Or what are you currently grateful for? 

Everything! I’m incredibly grateful for and lit up by the work I do, the life I lead, the people I talk to or spend time with every day. I’m also very much enjoying the spring rain and humidity returning to Sydney at the moment, everything feels so fresh and alive. 

Daily evening rituals... 

Lighting a candle and dimming the lights. A hot shower. Tea. Magnesium oil…. and an episode (or two) of Seinfeld. 


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