Mindful rituals with: Jaclyn Cave, Naturopath

Healing with plants is what Jaclyn Cave is all about. Currently practicing Naturopathy at Halsa Health in Surry Hills, Sydney, Jaclyn specialises in hormonal, skin, digestion and adrenal health. She's passionate about sustainability and living a minimal waste lifestyle, and is leading the way with simple, mindful practices. We agree, less is more when it comes to living well.

We hope you enjoy this conversation with Jaclyn and find inspiration to create your own mindful rituals, one day at the time.

Mindful rituals with… 

Jaclyn Cave, Naturopath

Daily morning rituals...

  • A walk
  • A stretch
  • Time and a hot drink with the plus one
  • A delicious feast!

How do you practice mindfulness throughout the day? 

I try to take deep belly breaths throughout my day and at any time I feel my nervous system needs support. Walking and yoga are very beneficial for my mindfulness practice.

What is your favourite (adaptogenic) herb and how do you use it? 

Oooooft! So many goodies to choose from. I am a big Rhodiola fan, and I am finding myself using Siberian ginseng more and more. I use them primarily in individualised liquid herb tonics.

What does medicinal plants mean to you? How have they offered support and helped you find balance?

Using plants as medicine, just like the good old days. It doesn’t feel revolutionary or esoteric to me, it’s simply a return to what we know and what we used for medicine originally.

Plants and herbs have helped me in countless ways, truly. Hormonally is probably most notable in regards to my own health - the herbs are very good at bringing a regular, ovulatory cycle back, something I have needed support in throughout my life.

What is one thing you would recommend for people to do to create a more environmentally sustainable life? 

Into your bag goes your reusable coffee cup and water bottle (bonus points for a small jar and cloth bag!). Seeing single use plastic versions of these things makes me cringe. Get with the times friends! There is really no excuse.

Best health/wellness secret?


What lights you up? Or what are you currently grateful for? 

The warm weather! My inspiring clients! My patient plus one!

Daily evening rituals...

  • A nourishing meal
  • Screenless time
  • A slow skin care routine
  • Legs up the wall

Connect with Jaclyn...

Instagram: @jaxcave

Website: jaclyncave.com