Mindful Rituals with... Liv Kali, Holistic Embodiment Practitioner & Founder Midnight Earth

liv kali holistic embodiment coach reiki

Liv Kali is a Holistic Embodiment Practitioner and the founder of Midnight Earth, offering Holistic Coaching, Reiki Sessions, Embodiment, Kundalini and Tantra courses. Supporting women to deepen connections to self, others and life, Liv’s sessions are a gentle way of releasing blockages and trauma held in the physical, energetical or emotional body, and an opportunity to unlock your core truth.

By guiding you through these ancient healing modalities, Liv is teaching women to feel self-empowered by connecting to their own bodies wisdom and intuition.

We spoke to Liv about the power of Reiki Healing, actions we can take if we feel stuck energetically and the importance of embodiment.

Mindful Rituals is a series of conversations with wise women who inspire us to be and feel well, ultimately making the world a better place. We hope it will inspire you to introduce more mindfulness in your daily life, one day at the time.

Daily morning rituals...

~ Write in my dream journal. This is a transpersonal practice that I began about 6 months ago to strengthen the imagination and subconscious ‘muscle’
Abhyanga (a form of Ayurvedic medicine): consciously and lovingly massage my whole body with wild-crafted black sesame oil and leave for 10-15 minutes. While I wait I…
~ Meditate: I’ve been exploring the meditation practice psychologist Herbert Benson which is focused on the relaxation response (the opposite to fight/flight response)
~ Jihwa Prakshalana (Ayurvedic tongue scraping)
~ Warm shower turned cold at the very end for 1 minute
~ Breast massage with my friends beautiful oil yoni elixir
~ Drink hot water with lemon
~ Go out into nature!

How do you stay mindful throughout the day? Do you have any secrets to cultivating a daily mindfulness practice?

I incorporate conscious movement throughout my day. At the moment I’m mostly working online with clients and there can be big energy and trauma released in these sessions so it’s important for me to ground and stay in my body. After a session I will self scan (a Reiki technique), burn some sage and then put on some music and connect to my sensuality. This practice really allows me to stay present and connected to myself. Hmmmmm...Any secrets!? Well I guess what I see most often is when people are wanting to bring a new practice into their lives they go from 0-100. For example going from not meditating at all, to “I’m going to meditate EVERY single day!”. Whilst I LOVE the enthusiasm and motivation to support themselves and create change, it’s not sustainable and it’s really setting people up for failure. My secret would be to choose something that bring YOU joy and pleasure and then make a sustainable commitment to bring the practice in and build it up to become a daily practice.

What does plants as medicine mean to you? How have they offered support or helped you find balance?

I immediately think of my relationship with essential oils and how I weave these into my everyday. I use these as an opportunity to self connect. When I go to my oils each morning when I’m getting ready I ask myself “what do I need today?” and then I can massage (with a carrier oil) the oil that will be most supportive to me onto the part of the body that’s needing support.

In my sessions when working with the heart space, I will often weave in the plant medicine of ceremonial cacao. I believe this plant is a gentle yet potent way to connect people to the earth, open the heart and expand consciousness.

I’ve also been working with an incredible naturopath/Ayurvedic doctor for 2 years working on healing my adrenals and nervous system after years of dealing with trauma.

What is your favourite (adaptogenic) herb and how do you use it?

For the past 6 months I’ve been having Reishi every day. I take naturopathic herbs and find taking them all at once is a lot, so I’ve found a beautiful, high potency liquid extract of Reishi super helpful to ease the taste. I add it to my sacred cacao each morning after breakfast. I love Reishi because it feels deeply nourishing to support relaxation and my connection to spirit.

We have embodiment intelligence and we get to choose to learn it so that life is more easeful, pleasurable and joyful! It’s the key to deeper connection to self, to others and life!

Tell us about Reiki healing, and how it can offer support?

Reiki is a non-invasive modality to support an easeful relax and re-set. It’s a beautiful tradition that found its way from Japan but isn’t linked to any specific religion. For me, Reiki is an opportunity to ground and deeply land into the body using life force/universal energy to flow through the body. The practice is really an opportunity to encourage and support release and self-healing. There are sooooo many ways this modality can support people, as it changes each session but a few things I believe people can receive are:
~ Deepen connection with self
~ Move stagnant energy and emotional blocks to feel more sensual
~ Feel nourished and grounded by loving presence
~ Awaken a deeper state of self awareness, presence, amplifying your natural magnetism
~ Awaken your feeling of personal power and clarity
~ Reconnect to your life force energy & increase your vitality levels.

What are some actions we can take on our own if we feel stuck energetically?

~ Create a regular self pleasure practice/ritual
~ Dance daily!
~ Spend time connecting to the breath and sigh out on the exhale
~ Self massage (breast and yoni/lingam massage)
~ Get clear on boundaries and choose to honour them within yourself
~ Shake the body for 10-15 minute
~ Walk barefoot on the earth
~ Know your priorities and values and make choices that are in full alignment with these so you are in integrity
~ Take a moment to connect to what your needs are and either fulfil them yourself or make a request of the person your with

Best health/wellness secret?

EMBODIMENT! This was the missing piece in the puzzle for me and it’s the piece that my clients are missing until they find it, know it and learn it! And that’s the beauty! Embodiment is a learnable skill just like intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence. We have embodiment intelligence and we get to choose to learn it so that life is more easeful, pleasurable and joyful! It’s the key to deeper connection to self, to others and life!

What lights you up? Or what are you currently grateful for? 

I’ve just moved to the Northern Rivers of NSW in Australia and I am BEYOND grateful for the infinite stretch of beach with almost no other people on it, 15 minutes from my front door! I’ve been going every day for a walk and swim in the ocean. After going through a big change from living in the city and moving away from all my friends and family to follow a dream of being closer to nature, nature has been my best friend, my support, my guide. It’s the ultimate thing that grounds me and reminds me of the beauty in the chaos of life!

Daily evening rituals... 

~ Jihwa Prakshalana (Ayurvedic tongue scraping) and brushing my teeth
~ Warm shower to clean off my day
~ Sage my room before getting into bed
~ Whole body massage with my dream therapy oil
~ Temple massage with lavender essential oil
~ Read my book. I’m currently reading “Too Scared To Cry” a powerful book by Lenore Terr, MD about how trauma affects children. I know it sounds like an odd night time choice but I’m deeply passionate about understanding trauma and it aligns me with my purpose.
~ If my head feels full I brain dump, write down all the things in my mind and let them fall out onto the page to look at the next day.

liv kali holistic embodiment coach reiki

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