Mindful Rituals with... Liv Kaplan, Nutritionist

liv kaplan nutritionist bondi beach

Liv Kaplan is a nutritionist based in Bondi Beach. Following sugar-free and low carbohydrate diet, she is vocal about the impact it can have not only on our physical body but most importantly our mental health.
She is a queen of sugar free baking and believes everyone should bring in more plants and fat into their diets.
Her mission is to bring positivity back into food by inspiring people to eat clean, from-the-earth whole foods and quality produce, whilst managing blood-sugar, and perhaps most importantly how you approach food, diet, health and yourself by tuning into our own physical bodies, eating for wellbeing and mental health.
We spoke to Liv about her daily rituals, the benefits of eating a low sugar diet, a simple step to eating for your mental health and the importance journalling and expressing emotions.
Mindful Rituals is a series of conversations with wise women who inspire us to be and feel well, ultimately making the world a better place. We hope it will inspire you to introduce more mindfulness in your daily life, one day at the time.


Mindful rituals with… 

Liv Kaplan - I’m a nutritionist living in Bondi and can mostly be found at the beach or at the bulk food store buying ingredients to make healthy treats. 

Daily morning rituals...

There are a few simple things I do daily. The first is that I look out the window, mostly at the sun rising, and feel grateful (I literally say thank you to the universe sometimes!). If I had a balcony or a garden I would go outside, but in apartment life, sticking my head out the window and breathing in the fresh air does just fine. Then I go and brush my teeth as I love a clean mouth, and while I’m brushing I make herbal tea. I love starting the day with a warming mug of herbal tea. It’s hydrating and is just what I feel like in the morning. It also forces me to be mindful as I drink it, which is sometimes in silence or sometimes while listening to whatever audiobook I’m listening to at the time. 

How do you stay mindful throughout the day? Do you have any advice for cultivating a daily mindfulness practice?

I take moments where I sit and breathe deeply for at least ten breaths and I find this really gets my nervous system in the relaxed state when I’m feeling a bit of centre. Other things I do are going to look at the ocean (and importantly leaving my phone at home), and walking barefoot in nature, which is mostly on the sand or the grass. I find these things really bring me back to the present moment and help me stay mindful. 

What does plants as medicine mean to you? How have they offered support or helped you find balance?

I find plants so fascinating and powerful and I very much believe humans and plants are all part of a cycle where we provide each other with life. I am constantly fascinated by the innate wisdom of nature and I think humans are really yet to discover exactly what this is. I use plants in various ways to help me find balance, where it’s eating them, cooking them, being in amongst them, growing them or painting them! 

What is your favourite (adaptogenic) herb and how do you use it?

I love Lion’s Mane mushroom as I love anything that is good for the mind and brain, I add it to my coffee in the morning. I also have green tea daily. 

What made you choose to eat a sugar free and low-carb diet? What impact has changing your diet had on your overall health - mentally and physically?

Mostly mental health benefits, which filter to every other element of life. My energy levels are more stable, my mood is more stable and I feel happier as a person (and this is the ultimate benefit). Physically I find this way of eating allows me to eat naturally in abundance without ever feeling restricted and maintaining a physicality I enjoy. I’ve also found it to help a lot with water retention, puffiness and inflammation. 

What are some simple, first steps someone can take to minimise their sugar intake?

Focus on what you are eating rather than what you aren’t. Ensure your meals are filled with colourful plants, good quality proteins and an abundance of healthy fats like avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil. 

It doesn’t matter how perfect your diet is, if you haven’t sorted out your mind, you’ll never get anywhere. It’s really important to be grounded and centred in who you are and live as your true self, doing things for you rather than external influences. 

Besides from diet, how do you look after your mental health?

Journaling has been hands down the best thing for my mental health (second to diet). When I am anxious or depressed or just feeling “off”, I find journaling helps me to piece together my thoughts, find the route cause and work on that or at least be aware of it. I also find it really beneficial to just sit and express the emotion. I think many of us have been taught to simply just “get on with it” but often this stops you from ever addressing the problem (and it always comes out in other ways). If I feel sad about something, I allow myself to cry and it actually feels very freeing! 

Best health/wellness secret?

It doesn’t matter how perfect your diet is, if you haven’t sorted out your mind, you’ll never get anywhere. It’s really important to be grounded and centred in who you are and live as your true self, doing things for you rather than external influences. 

liv kaplan nutritionist bondi beach


What lights you up? Or what are you currently grateful for? 

I recently had this thought that I’m actually really proud of the person that I am. It was a really nice thought that just popped into my head one day and I think a lot of people don’t actually think about themselves in this way. So I’d say I’m very grateful for the person that I am, and I’m grateful that I’m the kind of person to constantly work on myself and find areas where I can be better, as that’s how I’ve got here in the first place.  

Daily evening rituals...

I’m pretty flexible at night, I don’t have much of a ritual but a few things I like to do is make sure the kitchen is clean (I hate waking up to a messy kitchen), I take magnesium and I spend some time organising things for the next day, which helps me go to bed without anything in my mind.

Connect with Liv...

Instagram: www.instagram.com/liv.kaplan

Website: www.livkaplan.com