Mindful rituals with… Missy, Mystic Empowerment Mentor and Intuitive Channel

mystic missy spiritually sourced

Missy is a modern day mystic who uses her powers to connect with spirits and spirit guides to guide and empower women. She's an Intuitive Channel, meaning that she can connect with spirits in another realm and communicate their messages through her.

She also offers Shadow Work courses and trainings to help females uncover and achieve their soul-purpose. Basically the girl you need if your are feeling lost and in need of a little extra guidance, wether it will be from your spirit guides or Missy herself. 

We spoke to Missy about infinite souls, how to connect with spirits and our higher self, and her best health/wellness secret (it's a powerful one!)...

Mindful Rituals is a series of conversations with wise women who inspire us to be and feel well, ultimately making the world a better place. We hope it will inspire you to introduce more mindfulness in your daily life, one day at the time.

Daily morning rituals... 

Everyday I wake anywhere between 4am-5.30am (I am a morning person - usually in bed by 8.30pm haha). First thing I do is hydrate, then make a cup of tea. My non negotiable morning practices are writing out my list of gratitudes, affirmations and meditation. Some days I will add in visualisation + a card pull for myself. I also aim to move my body by walking or stretching. 

How do you stay mindful throughout the day? Do you have any secrets to cultivating a daily mindfulness practice? 

If I find myself getting overwhelmed throughout the day, I aim to bring myself back to my breath, focussing on deep inhales and exhales. Otherwise, I will either look outside (if I am working) or go outside to ground in nature. Both such simple practices and yet so effective. 

What does plants as medicine mean to you? How have they offered support or helped you find balance? 

Plants as medicine to me means using the gifts nature gave us to honour our physical vessels. Ashwagandha has had a huge impact on my life. When I suffered with debilitating anxiety, I used this everyday to help calm my system.

We all have the ability to connect with our spirit guides and higher self. Stillness is the best advice I can give to connecting with them. 

What is your favourite (adaptogenic) herb and how do you use it? 

Ashwagandha is still my favourite adaptogenic, I usually add it to my morning smoothie!

What does spiritually mean to you, and why is it important? 

Spirituality to me means awakening to our own inner magic and remembering that our souls are infinite. It is so important because it allows us to empower ourselves and zoom out from the complexities of life to see the bigger picture.  

How can we connect with a higher being/purpose? 

We all have the ability to connect with our spirit guides and higher self. Stillness is the best advice I can give to connecting with them. Sitting in nature with no distractions and meditation are my two favourite ways to connect. 

Best health/wellness secret? 

Your mind has the power to change your reality and this includes your health. Heal your mind, heal your body. I also believe that every physical symptom we experience is metaphysically linked to our mind, discover what that link is and again, you can heal. 

What lights you up? Or what are you currently grateful for? 

My work. Living my soul purpose helping others connect with their truest essence. I am currently grateful for nature, connection, friendship, family and my own connection to spirit. 

Daily evening rituals... 

To be honest, my evenings are usually spent working then watching Netflix with my partner (we are currently bingeing Brooklyn 99). Cultivating more of an evening practice is a desire of mine. I do sometimes listen to guided sleep hypnosis/subliminal messaging when falling asleep and notice a huge difference when I do. 

mystic missy spiritually sourced

Connect with Missy...

Instagram: @iammysticmissy

Website: www.spirituallysourced.com