Mindful rituals with… Poppy Delilah, Holistic Kinesiologist, Spiral Practitioner & Human Design guide

poppy delilah

As a Holistic Kinesiologist, Spiral Practitioner and Human Design Guide, Poppy is multifaceted when it comes to healing.
She can offer help with untangling your truest self, breaking old patterns that may hold you back, clearing stuck energy and creating space for whatever is needed. Simply put it, helping you find your highest self.
Leaning on plants and nature for pretty much everything in life, she is a girl who speaks our language.
We loved chatting to Poppy, and took a deep-dive into her magical daily rituals, her favourite herbs to support healing and what practices she recommends to stay supported and grounded in life after lockdown.
Mindful Rituals is a series of conversations with wise women who inspire us to be and feel well, ultimately making the world a better place. We hope it will inspire you to introduce more mindfulness in your daily life, one day at the time.

Mindful rituals with… 

Poppy Delilah - Holistic Kinesiologist, Spiral Practitioner & Human Design Guide

What are your daily morning rituals? 

Mornings are my favourite & I love waking up without an alarm if possible! 

I always start my day by tongue scraping, oil pulling, a cold splash of water on my face followed by oil cleansing (I’m in love with living libations best skin ever!) & I either massage my face with an ice cube or spend some time with my gua sha.

I then love drinking a glass of warm lemon water with Shizandra & Camu Camu berry while I give my cat a scratch and water my garden. 

Morning movement & mindfulness is always a bit of a mix between kundalini meditation, breathwork & yoga, a beach walk, boxing in the garden or an online pilates class, nearly always followed by a cold ocean swim!

I find that mornings are when I feel most creative and receptive to ideas and inspiration so I try to use this time to focus on my many projects that need my best creative juices & attention.

How do you stay mindful throughout the day? Do you have any advice for cultivating a daily mindfulness practice?

My advice would be that whenever you feel you have fallen off the bandwagon of a mindfulness practice, don’t beat yourself up! Gently inspire yourself to get back on & know that there really is no ‘one size fits all’. Take baby steps and experiment to find what works for you.

From the Human Design perspective (manifestor over here!) I work best in short bursts. Understanding this about myself has been so helpful. I now mindfully take many rest breaks throughout my day and take a moment to listen to my body & intuition rather than pushing through to feel like I have accomplished ‘enough’. In these moments of rest I have noticed that sparks of intuition, inspiration and ideas come through even clearer than if I was to push myself to go, go go.

I was also born in the U.K and so the ritual of a cup of tea is still so ingrained! Brewing a cup of herbal tea, taking a moment to sit down and create a comfy lap for my cat to curl up on is one of my favourite mindful rituals.

& to promote healthy & mindful screen time I have created a ‘phone home’ in our house. Its a place where we can put our phone down to rest & recharge while we do, especially when we notice our screen time & scrolling start to increase. 

I now mindfully take many rest breaks throughout my day and take a moment to listen to my body & intuition rather than pushing through to feel like I have accomplished ‘enough’. In these moments of rest I have noticed that sparks of intuition, inspiration and ideas come through even clearer than if I was to push myself to go, go go.

For those who have never experienced kinesiology, can you explain what a session with you usually looks like and what benefits to expect?

My 1:1 balancing sessions are a safe and nurturing space intended to help release stress on a physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual level, restoring harmony to your soul and self.

I draw upon the wisdom of the Traditional Chinese Meridian system, Five Element philosophy and Human Design & weave in techniques such as muscle testing, client-centred counselling, acupressure and emotional clearing to help you let go of limiting patterning & untangle the old stories that keep you stuck so you can exhale into the truth of who you really are & experience real freedom within.

This work encourages you to cultivate a profound sense of self love, self reverence and self nurturing that you can then bring into your day to day life.

I also offer self care techniques and suggestions for you to implement post-session, empowering you to tap into your ability to self-nourish and create lasting change in your life.

These sessions are a co-creative, fun and sacred unfolding process between the client & myself.

Many of us have just entered back into “the real world” after months of lockdown, and will likely experience a noticeable shift or increase in energies around us, and within ourselves. What are some energy healing techniques or rituals you can recommend to offer support and ground us during this time?

Spend time alone & back in your own energy field, we can pick up so much from our environments that can then cloud how we really feel & what we really think. Quality alone time is one of my favourite rituals to recalibrate & to listen to what feels true for me.

Prioritise resting, limit your screen time & spend time outside in nature, barefoot if possible! 

Find moments throughout your day to have the sun touch your skin and for your lungs to breathe fresh air. 

Remember to put your well-being first, it's ok to say no to plans and people if you’re not feeling ready or up to it just yet.

The element of water will always be my ally and where I lean to first when I need to clear my energy and feel grounded. Swimming in the ocean, taking a cold shower, submerging into a hot candle lit bath, drinking clean pure water & herbal infusions all help me to come back to balance. 

poppy delilah

What does plants as medicine mean to you? How have they offered support or helped you find balance?

Plants as medicine have supported me throughout my entire life. My mum is the O.G hippie and growing up she always had a homemade herbal remedy, essential oil or cream to help fix you up.

I lean on the magic of plants in every way I can. From what I drink, eat, put on my skin & brush my teeth with to what I use to clean my home, cleanse my energy, decorate my space & support me when I’m stressed, plants as medicine are always there!

I also receive a lot of medicine & grounding from growing my own plants. Eating from my garden, saving my own seeds & drying my own herbs for teas brings me great satisfaction & nourishment.

What is your favourite (adaptogenic) herb and how do you use it?

Its so hard to pick just one! But high up on my list of favourites is definitely Shizandra. My partner & I drank it for 100 days straight a few years back and loved how we felt. So now we have it daily in our warm lemon waters or I love to pop a spoonful in when I brew a cup of Dandelion tea.

Favourite health/wellness secret?

Sunshine, drinking clean water & cold ocean swims.

Taking time & space to integrate.

Trusting your intuition & that you know what is best for you above all else.

Devote time outside of work for the things you love - even if they feel they don’t feel productive..

Prioritise fun & creative expression.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

What lights you up? Or what are you currently grateful for? 

Oh the list could be endless!

My garden, colours, getting my hands deep in a DIY project, picking & arranging flowers that I grew, watching client transformations, designing apparel & products with my partner for our lifestyle brand (@fine.and.dandy._), baking cakes covered in edible flowers, snuggling my cat Dandelion & watching the sunset with good company (& a margarita in hand)

I constantly feel excited & inspired to create, which lights me up so much.

I feel like that part of me never switches off & nourishing it has become an important daily practice! 

poppy delilah

What are your daily evening rituals? 

I love to be able to squeeze in an end of day swim or watch the sunset. My partner & I love to cook dinner together while dancing to some funky tunes, we light some candles and watch an episode of something. I can’t live without a bath, especially on colder nights.

I love snuggling into bed with clean feet (lol its the best feeling!), ready to massage in some magnesium & lavender. I turn my phone on aeroplane mode, pop some sleep inducing essential oils in the diffuser, take some medicinal mushroom tablets & play some deep sleep binaural beats. 

My partner and I like to chat about our day & our dreams for the future as we fall asleep.


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