Cultivate Daily Mindfulness with the Women of Mindful Rituals

We have had the fortune of chatting with some incredibly inspiring women about wellness over the past year. As we are currently undertaking a second nation wide lockdown, now, more than ever, is the time to turn to mindfulness practices to stay well.

We have put together a summary of all the invaluable advice we have received so far below. Soak it up, implement what resonates with you and create your own daily mindfulness ritual. 

Be gentle with yourself during this time. Practice kindness towards yourself daily. Allow yourself to be soft, go slow, look inwards and take on only what feels manageable. 

With gratitude for these women and their work making the world a happier, healthier and ultimately better place. 

How do you stay mindful throughout the day? What are your secrets to cultivating a daily mindfulness practice?

I try to take deep belly breaths throughout my day and at any time I feel my nervous system needs support. Walking and yoga are very beneficial for my mindfulness practice. - Jaclyn Cave, Naturopath

Having a conscious, aware and sensitive state of Being is a natural byproduct from my embodiment work - especially from mantra meditation. My main secret would be to really clear the body of unhelpful energies so that you can begin from a solid foundation, then focus on meditation practice and incorporating philosophy into your perspective of life. - Honey Banchan, Womens’ Mentor, Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic Consultant

Baby steps and accountability! Don’t stop looking until you find a practice and a teacher you adore. I resist routine with every cell in my body, so when I finally allowed myself to practice whenever I liked (instead of the same time everyday that is so often suggested) I found myself with an incredibly strong, regular practice and I’ve never looked back. - Emmie Rae, Yoga Teacher, Human Design Guide & Poet

 If I find myself getting overwhelmed throughout the day, I aim to bring myself back to my breath, focussing on deep inhales and exhales. Otherwise, I will either look outside (if I am working) or go outside to ground in nature. Both such simple practices and yet so effective. - Missy, Mystic Empowerment Mentor and Intuitive Channel

I incorporate conscious movement throughout my day. At the moment I’m mostly working online with clients and there can be big energy and trauma released in these sessions so it’s important for me to ground and stay in my body. After a session I will self scan (a Reiki technique), burn some sage and then put on some music and connect to my sensuality. This practice really allows me to stay present and connected to myself. Hmmmmm...Any secrets!? Well I guess what I see most often is when people are wanting to bring a new practice into their lives they go from 0-100. For example going from not meditating at all, to “I’m going to meditate EVERY single day!”. Whilst I LOVE the enthusiasm and motivation to support themselves and create change, it’s not sustainable and it’s really setting people up for failure. My secret would be to choose something that bring YOU joy and pleasure and then make a sustainable commitment to bring the practice in and build it up to become a daily practice. - Liv Kali, Holistic Embodiment Practitioner & Founder Midnight Earth

It’s a bit embarrassing but I often have to tell myself to put down my phone. I do a lot of my work admin on the go, and while I often pick up the phone to do something work related it’s very easy to be sucked back into the vortex of Instagram and news apps. Trying to carve out more considered times for work versus time with my kid and relaxation is important and something I am constantly trying to practice. - Sophia Kaplan, founder of Leaf Supply

It’s definitely something I struggle with. My mind is always going at a million miles an hour and I tend to rush around like a headless chook most days. I have recently set a reminder on my watch a few times a day for just a minute or two of meditation which is essentially just me sitting still and focussing on my breath. Meditation is something I find really hard but I know that practise makes perfect, it’s baby steps for me! - Lauren Camilleri, founder of Leaf Supply

I take moments where I sit and breathe deeply for at least ten breaths and I find this really gets my nervous system in the relaxed state when I’m feeling a bit of centre. Other things I do are going to look at the ocean (and importantly leaving my phone at home), and walking barefoot in nature, which is mostly on the sand or the grass. I find these things really bring me back to the present moment and help me stay mindful. - Liv Kaplan, Nutritionist

I love to utilise breath work. There are so many ways to do this but a really easy tool I love is box breathing (in for 4, hold for 4, breathe out for 4, hold for 4) and find that taking the time to do 10-20 rounds of this can really gently bring me back to a calm, steady and focused mindset. 

Another way I love to stay mindful is just reminding myself that the only thing I need to do in the present moment is to just breathe. It is easy to get overwhelmed by what needs to be done or the urgency of things and I find bringing myself back to this thought is really calming. - Maddy Trueman, Recipe Developer & Food Photographer

There are so many great features to wearable technology that can remind us to stay balanced and mindful. Each hour, my apple watch nudges me to stand up, walk around the office, have a glass of water or tea – to do something for one minute of each hour other than work and staring at my laptop. It also helps create work blocks and makes sure I’m not overwhelmed by any one task as I try to break larger tasks into digestible hourly chunks.

I also make sure to spend time in nature daily. Where possible, I prioritise an afternoon walk around Centennial park or walk from Bondi to Bronte beach – but if I know work, friends or family will take up my evening then 5 minutes sitting in my backyard staring at the leaves and just breathing can really do wonders. - Ariella Werner-Seidler, Senior Experience Manager at Unyoked

To be honest I struggle to stay in the present moment, especially when I have a lot going on. I do try and make a conscious effort to observe, appreciate and respect my surroundings and ground myself that way. I often find myself admiring little things in my day, like the different colours of flowers, the ocean and how the sun casts shadows on different objects. I think it helps keep you humble by appreciating the little things and moments in life. - Brooke Oke, Naturopath & owner of Goodkind Wellness Studio

Starting with a solid morning practice makes a huge difference throughout the rest of my day, but equally important to remember to take mindful breaks throughout the day. I try to take mini breaks, focusing on my breath, practicing at least 5-10 breaths of deep belly breathing to calm myself down. This is especially important when I feel anxious or have a particularly stressful day. 

Mindfully consuming a hot cup (or pot!of tea allows me to take a pause, reflect and just sit with myself. Breaking up the day, even just for five minutes, sipping slowly on something that is nourishing for my body, allows me to stay grounded and centred. I’m all about the mindful pauses. - Alma Akesson Moubayed, founder Lune Elixirs

Mindful Rituals is a series of conversations with wise women who inspire us to be and feel well, ultimately making the world a better place. We hope it will inspire you to introduce more mindfulness in your daily life, one day at the time. Read the full conversations here.