Nourishment for the season of Spring

Spring, a long awaited time for renewal and transition. Focus on supporting your body through cleansing, shedding the excess layers and heavy feelings of winter, re energising and building prana (your energy field or life force).

In Traditional Chinese Medicine spring is the season of the liver and gallbladder, our main organs for cleansing and detoxifying, so naturally we want to increase our focus on supporting these organs through diet and lifestyle. 

Some rituals and nourishment to implement as the seasons shift:

~ Energising breathing techniques - we love kapalbhati breathing. 

~ Hydrate with a large glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning - sour foods support the liver and help move the lymph. Warm water is easier to digest and more nourishing for the digestive system.

~ Shift your focus to lighter foods avoiding anything to heavy, oily or rich. Animal and dairy fats may feel difficult for a tired liver to digest. Swapping for a smaller amount of plant based fat like olive oil, avocado and seeds may help.

~ Support your liver with bitter and cleansing herbs, roots and greens like dandelion root and leaves, milk thistle, burdock root, nettle, rocket, chicory, radishes, endive, lettuce and spinach.

~ Continue to consume warming, healing and pungent spices such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, black pepper and chilli to add warmth, aid in circulation and digestion.

~ Slowly reintroduce more raw foods into the diet - focus on greens, fresh herbs, green juices, spirulina and other micro algae rich in chlorophyll to cleanse the blood, hydrate, increase oxygen levels and prana.

~  Add Tulsi (Holy Basil) to your daily routine - this potent adaptogenic herb is known for increasing prana and energy levels, aid in detoxification and support digestion - find it in The Nourisher and Deep Zen blends. 

~ Drink liver cleansing herbal teas daily - we love Spirit Cleanse to support the liver and aid in detoxification.

Support your lymphatic system (that helps expel toxins) by: 

~ Dry brushing.

~ Daily movement - dance, walk, run, jump trampoline, flow yoga, play with your kids/nieces/nephews.

~ Increasing your exercise routine, allowing for more intense, strengthening workouts.

~ Sweat - jump in a sauna, a hot bath or exercise until you break out in a sweat.

Practice hydro therapy (water therapy) - jump in the  ocean (it's not that cold once you are in, we promise!) or take a cold shower (start with 30 seconds and build up your resistance). Cold water allows for blood to flow more freely, removing any energy blocks or stagnations, helping the body to naturally kill of any weak cells and creating new healthy cells. 

~ Practice yin yoga. Similar to hydro therapy although more specific, allowing for gentle pressure to build in targeted spaces in the body through yin poses. Held for 3-5 minutes, fresh blood and energy can flow to the targeted area or organ upon releasing, gently flushing and removing any stagnancy, allowing for increased healing. Deep breathing and a focus on staying soft simultaneously allows for added support for the mind and nervous system - facilitating even more healing.

Happy spring season!